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At Jamie’s we strive to create beautiful, simple yet functional designs that assist parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers to be equipped for anything that life (or their toddler) throws at them.

Caring for, cleaning, changing, bathing or keeping your baby or toddler busy in public places or confined spaces such as an aeroplane can be challenging to say the least.

Our goal is to turn your diaper bag or suitcase into a home away from home to make everyday life and travelling with kids easier.

The ouch pouch is a great gift for baby showers as the expectant mom can customise the pouch with the products that she prefers.

The ouch pouch consists of 8 compartments which includes wounds, tools, pain, tummy, colds, ointments, a compartment for eye, ear, mouth and nose care as well as an additional compartment labelled “extras” for any essentials that needs to be added.

Empty glass medicine vials are included in the ouch pouch for mom to fill with any medicine of her choice (when it comes to medicine each and every child is unique and mom knows best what works for her child and what doesn’t). The vials can easily be washed and refilled with a different medicine.

The ointment jars can be filled with any creams or ointments that mom might think is important. This can range anything from an antibiotic cream to mosquito repellent.

Stickers are included to label your medicine vials and ointment jars containing information such as type, usage and dosage of the medicine. This makes it easy to leave the ouch pouch with dad, grandparents, caregivers or baby sitters who will be equipped with the knowledge of how when and how much medicine to administer. An extra set of stickers is included in each bag but mom can also make her own.

The ouch pouch is filled with a wide range of first aid must haves such as plasters, antiseptic wipes and even a CPR mouthpiece.
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